It is possible to add variants in Shopify on the same page. Variants are the same product with few distinctions such as Size, Colour or some other similar variations. You can create as much as 100 variants for a product on a page. Additionally, you can add up to three options for each product. This means that each product can have different variants unrelated to other products.

To Add Variants In Shopify

How To Add Variants In Shopify

There are plenty of ways to add variants in Shopify. You can either create a new variant or edit an existing one.

Adding variants to existing products

To add variants to existing products:

  • Navigate to Products from your Shopify admin page.
  • Select the product to which you want to add variants.
  • Under Variants section choose "Add variant" option.
  • Fill the variant information in the provided fields.
  • Save the changes.

Adding variants during product creation

To add variants in Shopify while creating a product:

  • On the Add product page, find the Variants section.
  • Choose "Add variants" option.
  • Enter the Option Name. This is the name that the visitors will see.
  • Select "Add another" option to modify your variants.
  • Save changes.

Adding variants by duplicating existing variants

While adding similar variants to products, it is possible to create duplicates of variants.  This prevents having to create the variant over and over again. You need to change at least one option before you can save the variant. Saving an exact duplicate of the variant is not possible.

  • Navigate to Products under Shopify admin page.
  • Then, select the product to which you want to add another variant.
  • Under Variants section, find the variant you wish to duplicate. Click "Edit", and then click on "Duplicate".
  • Edit the option values you want for the new variant.
  • Save your changes.

Adding multiple variants at once.

Sometimes you may need to add multiple variants at once. Fortunately, It is possible to add variants in Shopify using bulk action. It allows you to duplicate existing variants with multiple different options.

  • Navigate to Products under the Shopify admin page.
  • Select the product to which you wish to add new variants.
  • Select the variants you wish to duplicate. Make sure they have some common options which you want to duplicate.
  • In the Actions List, select the name for the new variant you are creating.
  • Enter the new value for the option in the form in Duplicate variants.
  • Finally, press Done.

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