How To Add Tracking Numbers On BigCommerce?

How To Add Tracking Numbers On BigCommerce Multiorders

Every marketplace allows you to fulfil orders manually. In other words, to work without any automation. The main thing is that each of them have different steps you need to take to set additional shipping information. In this article, we will take a closer look specifically at how to add tracking numbers on BigCommerce.

add tracking numbers on BigCommerce Multiorders

How to add tracking numbers on BigCommerce?


As mentioned before you can manually fulfil any kind of order. However, it means that you have to add shipping details yourself. Therefore, in order to add tracking numbers on BigCommerce, first you need to login to your store. Then click on the “Orders” section and select the “View” button. Go to the order that you want to add a tracking number to and click the plus sign. Now, you should see a button marked “Ship items”, that is under the items, but above the subtotal. Once you click on it, a window where you need to provide a tracking number appears. Simply add that tracking number and click “Create Shipment”.



How to avoid adding tracking numbers manually?


It is obvious that adding tracking numbers manually will quickly become a hassle. That is why you should consider using a shipping management software. Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular shipping carriers. Automatically mark your order as dispatched in BigCommerce with a tracking number. You can fulfill your orders through any hipping company you like and generate labels in seconds. This way you will save a lot of time and avoid all the tedious work. Our software automates your shipping process and even allows you to connect other e-commerce channels. Because of this, you can control multiple marketplaces from one dashboard. Any changes you make in Multiorders either to BigCommerce or any other store, will automatically show up in each one of them. Automate your business and fulfil your orders four times faster!


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