How To Add Etsy Tags To Products In Your Store?

How To Add Etsy Tags To Products In Your Store Multiorders

Tags are one word or short phrases that you can add to your products, which you think describe your product best. It is possible to add Etsy tags to products, and Etsy allows you to add as much as 13 tags for every product. Each tag can contain up to 20 characters, but they can only be alphanumeric. No punctuations or symbols are allowed.


How To Add Etsy Tags To Products In Your Store


How to add Etsy tags to products


To add Etsy tags to products:


  • First, go to the Shop Manager and then navigate to Listings.


  • Find the product you wish to add tags to.


  • Click the gear icon near the item and then click on Edit from the menu that opens.


  • Scroll down the Listing details till you find the tags section.


  • Add suitable tags to the product in the fields provided.


Things to consider while adding Etsy tags to products


When adding Etsy tags to products, make sure to keep them relevant and accurate. The tags are related to what customers search for when looking for a product. Therefore, when a customer searches for a product, the more similar tags you have, the more chances of you coming up in search results. Using tags that are related to commonly searched words or phrases will increase your listing hits. However, make sure to keep the tags relevant to the product, as it is against Etsy policy to use unrelated tags.


One more thing you should take into consideration is trying to add as many words in a tag as possible. The more detailed the tag is, the better. Instead of going for commercial keywords, try to use tags that sound more like what a user would search for. Use synonyms of your tag to add other tags. Make sure to use all 13 tags Etsy provides you with. The more tags, the more possibility for a search word hit.


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