How To Add Discounts On BigCommerce

How To Add Discounts On BigCommerce Multiorders

Every online seller wants to attract as many customers as possible. That is why some of them decide to add discounts on BigCommerce. Usually, discounts create a quick effect on your customers and potential shoppers. That is why a temporary price cut could improve your business. In order to help you, we will explain how to add discounts on BigCommerce.


discounts on BigCommerce

How to add discounts on BigCommerce?


Product-level discounts on BigCommerce are for making your shoppers buy specific products. Also, it raises a customers average order value and helps in attracting new clients. There are four product-level discount types on BigCommerce:

  • BOGOF – buy one get one free. It means that as soon as your customer buys a product, they get an additional one for free.
  • BOGSEF – buy one get something else for free. In this case, when your customer buys something, they also get another product (merchant’s choice) for free.
  • $ or % off to a product – a discount for a certain product. In other words, your customer will receive a specified discount when they add the selected product to the cart.
  • Buy x units of product and get $ or % off per unit – a discount for more than one unit. When your customer buys more than one unit of the same product, they receive a discount on each one of them.


In order to add discounts on BigCommerce, you have to go to the “Marketing” section and click on the “Cart-Level Discounts”. There type in a “Rule Name”. Keep in mind that this name is not visible to your shoppers, so it has to be used as an internal reference. Now, you have to select the product discount type, that is in the “Choose a Rule Type” drop-down menu. You have to choose one of the four options and complete the following information. Then, the “Select Product” pop-up will appear, there you have to choose your products. The last steps are to select the duration and order limits. Finally, check the “Activate” box and click on the “Save” button.


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