How To Add A Manufacturer In 3dcart


December 2, 2018


Goda Jurgaityte

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How To Add A Manufacturer In 3dcart Multiorders

It is quite easy to add a manufacturer in 3dcart. You can add a manufacturer to a new product, or you can add a manufacturer in 3dcart for an existing product as well. Furthermore, it is also possible to add the brand logo of the manufacturer to the product listing.

Add A Manufacturer In 3dcart Multiorders

How to add a manufacturer in 3dcart


To add a manufacturer in 3dcart:


  • First, go to Settings and then choose General.


  • Afterwards choose Manufacturers from the list.


  • Click on the Add New button.


  • Enter the manufacturer’s name in the field that is created.


  • Then press Add.


  • A new window with the manufacturer’s name will open. Here you can add keywords, website, sorting order, change the name, etc.


  • Also, you can use the Tag Wizard option to add meta tags and description.


  • Additionally, to add the manufacturer’s logo, you can upload the image to your admin page and then provide the link in the field here.


There are a lot of fields that you can fill in this page. This will influence how the Manufacturer section will display on your webpage. For example, with Sorting, you can add a tag to it. This number will influence the order in which the various manufacturers are listed on your store page. You can also add a header, page title, etc.


If you already have products listed on your website, and you wish to add or change their manufacturer:


  • First, go to Products and then click on View/Edit.


  • Press the Filter button.


  • Enter the name of the product in Keyword Search.


  • Find the product you’re looking for and press Edit.


  • Then choose the manufacturer from the drop-down list Manufacturer.


  • Finally, make sure to Save.


You can click on next to move to the next product and you can assign a manufacturer to it as well.

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