How Does Multiorders Compare To Linnworks?

How Does Multiorders Compare To Linnworks?

In light of the recent drastic price changes in Linnworks, everyone is rushing to find a different solution. Even though they gave their existing customers a period to adjust, most users will still suffer a big hit to their profits. The main question now is how do you choose the right alternative?

The best answer to that is always the same – make a pros and cons list. Since you probably have enough on your plate right now, we did that for you.

Multiorders vs Linnworks

First of all, let’s compare what the pricing plans for both solutions are based on.

Linnworks switched from pricing based on the amount of users to limiting order and SKU volumes. According to them, it takes the pressure off of smaller businesses and moves it to larger enterprises.

However, if you run a family business and sell large volumes of low-margin products, the price increase is enormous. It has less of an effect on companies that sell items priced at triple figures or more.

The new pricing structure also includes fees for every order that goes over your current limit. This is basically the main source of damage to those who depend on a large amount of orders to make any profit.

The new basic plan starts at $250/month for 1000 orders and is limited to 20.000 SKU’s. While a thousand orders might look like a lot, if you only make a few cents or even a dollar on every sale, it’s a large chunk of your revenue.

After these changes, the pricing model of Linnworks became similar to that of Multiorders. However, the latter is not only significantly cheaper but also has fewer variables to consider when choosing a pricing plan. The only limiting factor is order volume. The plans for Multiorders also don’t limit the number of SKU’s you can manage.

Multi-channel business

Other features

When you take a closer look at how these two solutions compare, there are other noteworthy differences. Basically, the only functionality Linnworks has over Multiorders is product listing. While you don’t get this feature, Multiorders comes ahead in every other aspect.

The basic plan includes unlimited (an customisable) user roles, custom reports and Amazon FBA as well as MCF. Most importantly, onboarding comes included as standard in every pricing plan for Multiorders. Although you might not even need any of it, because the design is so intuitive.

For a more comprehensive and direct side to side comparison, you can read our previous post about how Multiorders compares as an alternative to Linnworks. If afterwards you still have any questions left, our customer support team is always ready to help.

Or you can schedule a live one-on-one demo call where a member of our team will guide you through every part of what Multiorders does and answer any questions you might have.

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