How to integrate Parcelforce

Step 1.

To integrate Parcelforce you need to apply for new Parcelforce TEST expressLink credentials by contacting your Parcelforce account manager. Ask them to set you up with both an expressLink account to use with Multiorders order management system.

Step 2.

Parcelforce should now send you new TEST expressLink account details. As soon as you get these, continue with the integration process and press Submit. 

parcelforce enter test expresslink account details - Multiorders integration guide

Step 3.

If you entered your details correctly you will now be able to print your test labels. You will also get them sent to your accounts email. Press Done to finish this part.

parcelforce generate test label - Multiorders integration guide

Step 4.

You will need to print these and send them to your Parcelforce Customer Solutions Team member who will then check the print quality and approve the label.

Once the labels have been approved, you will be given live credentials for your Parcelfoce expressLink account. You will use these to finish the integrations process.

Step 5.

If you’ve received an email from Parcelforce with your live expressLink account details then you’re ready to complete this setup process and start using Multiorders to ship with Parcelforce.

Go to Multiorders website integrations page, find your Parcelforce integration and press Finish Integration

parcelforce finish integration - Multiorders integration guide

Step 6.

In most cases you will not need your Deparment ID, type in the rest of your live Credentials and press Submit.

parcelforce integration page - enter account details - Multiorders integration guide

Step 7.

You should now be re-directed back to your Multiorders page, with the Parcelforce integration working.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, feel free to get in touch with our support team.

parcelforce integration page - enter account details - Multiorders integration guide