How to integrate Magento 2.x

Step 1.

You will need to get your Access Token, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token Secret from Magento 2.x admin panel.

Go to your Magento Store > System > Integrations.

Magento 2 extensions integrations - Multiorders integrations guide

Step 4.

Then press “Add New Integration

Magento 2 add new integration - Multiorders integrations guide

Step 5.

In the Integration Info tab type in “Your Name”, “Email” and “Your Password”.

Magento 2 integration info - Multiorders integrations guide

Step 6.

In the API panel, select the Resource Access drop-down menu, select All and press Save.

Magento 2 integration available apis - Multiorders integrations guide

Step 7.

In the window that just loaded find your new integration bellow (which you named in the previous step) and press Activate.

Magento 2 integration has been saved - Multiorders integrations guide

Step 8.

In the next window press Allow.

Magento 2 integration allow - multiorders integrations guide

Step 9.

You will now get all of the necessary details for your Magento 2.x integration.

Magento 2 integration tokens for extensions - multiorders integrations guide

Step 10.

Copy these details to your integration window back in Multiorders page. Give your Magento 2.x integration a name, choose your warehouse and press Connect.

Magento 2 integration page - multiorders integrations guide