GUIDE: How To Print Shopify Shipping Label?

GUIDE How To Print Shopify Shipping Label Multiorders

In order to print a Shopify shipping label you either need to have a fulfilment center in US or Canada, or use third party software. The best software for such a task is Multiorders shipping management software. With it, you can print any Shopify shipping label, print labels in bulk, create shipping presets, create custom labels with different formats and reprint labels if needed.


Here is how you can do it with Multiorders:

  1. Log in to your Multiorders account.Login Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Go to the Orders tab. There you will see your current order list. Choose the one you want to print the label for.Shopify Orders Screenshot Multiorders
  3. When you have more than one order that needs to be shipped to the same address you will be able to merge them together. At the top of the order page, next to Filter you will see a notification – orders can be merged/merge orders. After you merge your orders, an M tag will appear in the Tag section of the order table. If your customer orders from different platforms which you have integrated to Multiorders, you can still merge products going to the same address.Automatic notification will suggest when you can merge orders that have come from the same person
  4. When you finish merging the orders, click on Ship Order. A pop up window will appear with the order details and courier selection. You will have various options here depending on which courier integrations you have added. You can also choose Manual Shipment in this screen.Multiorders offers a wide variety of shipping carriers
  5. Click on the chosen courier.You can now choose a shipping preset or enter the details manually. If you chose Manual Shipment, you will have an option to add shipping service and a tracking number. When done, click on Create label.Use-Bulk-Shipment-function-to-speed-up-labels-printing
  6. You will see a notification that your shipment has been confirmed. Then, you will have a choice to print the label or any other document like invoice, return form, picking list and delivery note.
  7. Click on Print Label. And that is it.


If you haven’t done the setup process in settings before you started printing labels, you can do it now. Just go to SettingsShipping. Here you can choose one of the predefined shipping label formats or you can submit a request for a custom one.

Set default label format screenshot Multiorders

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