GUIDE: How To Integrate Shopify And Amazon FBA?

GUIDE How To Integrate Shopify And Amazon FBA Multiorders

Every e-commerce seller has to cope with some sort of problems concerning the shipment of goods. While dealing with shipping issues, thoughts about how to integrate Shopify and Amazon FBA can come to mind. This will help you reach the best solutions for order fulfillment. It will also save you a lot of time.

Integrate Shopify and Amazon FBA

What is Amazon FBA ?

It is an advanced tool introduced by Amazon to fulfill your orders more efficiently. The basic idea of how it works is the phrase: “You sell it. We ship it.” This means, that Amazon not only provides warehouse space for your goods but also does the job of packing, shipping with their carrier and providing customer service for the products. The only task for the seller is to send the products to Amazon and from there – they will take care of the rest!

You sell it. We ship it.

It is not only a great way to cut the time costs, but also to reach new markets. Although, there are some cons to it too, including additional fees for the Amazon FBA service, less control over shipping and the packaging of the goods.

Amazon’s solution for other platforms

Along with its service to fulfill orders for sellers on their platform, Amazon also provides sellers from other platforms the ability to use their extensive fulfillment network. They call this service multichannel fulfillment or MCF for short.

It basically works the same way FBA does, but there are a few key differences. First of all, MCF comes with slightly higher fees than FBA. Secondly, the packaging doesn’t come with any Amazon branding. Apart from these two distinctions, both the services are essentially the same.

An easy way to integrate Shopify and Amazon FBA

If you want to be more efficient and have an opportunity to expand in the future, you should look into Multiorders shipping management software. You can integrate and manage your Shopify stores as well as your shops on any other platform in one place.

In Multiorders you can also choose Amazon FBA out of many other shipping carriers without any additional costs. Moreover, Multiorders automatically adds tracking information to your stores. This feature helps the seller save time and not worry about updating the shipment information.

3 steps to integrate Shopify and Amazon FBA

  1. Add your Amazon account to your Multiorders account.
  2. Integrate your Shopify store by following this guide. Before clicking Connect, check the box to “Automatically merge products by SKU” and select your Amazon store from the dropdown.Merge Shopify To Amazon UK Screenshot Multiorders
  3. Go to Settings -> Shipping and enable Amazon MCF.Enable Amazon MCF Screenshot Multiorders

Afterwards, when shipping an order choose Amazon MCF from the shipping provider window. That’s how easy it is to get Amazon to pick, pack and ship your Shopify orders for you.

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