GUIDE: How To Export Shopify Inventory To CSV

Export Shopify Inventory To CSV

Inventory management can play a significant role in the success of your Shopify business. If your inventory is in constant chaos and you oversell all the time, there will be many unhappy customers. That means a huge loss in sales and plenty of angry people to deal with. However, with Multiorders, you can avoid all this and even export your Shopify inventory to CSV files for offline use.

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Multiorders inventory management software

The best way to avoid this situation is to use Multiorders inventory management software. This software synchronises inventory from an unlimited amount of stores from all e-commerce platforms. It automatically updates the inventory in all the shops when one item is sold.

It can significantly improve your workflow if you decide to expand into more platforms other than Shopify. With Multiorders all your backend management processes for multiple shops become as easy as they would be for a single shop.

SOLUTION How To Export Shopify Inventory Multiorders

Export Shopify inventory to CSV

Multiorders allows you to export your Shopify inventory to CSV files. This could be useful for safekeeping or further analysis. This feature is especially helpful if there is more than one person dealing with inventory in the warehouse. It is also useful if someone doesn’t have access to the software.

If you wish to export your Shopify inventory to a CSV file just follow these simple steps below. You will have all the information in no time.

  1. Log in to Multiorders.Login Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Go to Inventory.Go To Inventory Screenshot Multiorders
  3. On the top right-hand corner, you will see a button labelled Export. Click on it.Export Inventory Screenshot Multiorders
  4. Three options will appear:

    • Export all – all the current inventory will be downloaded in a spreadsheet.
    • Export Selected – only the selected inventory items will be exported. Before selecting this option, you should check the boxes next to inventory items you want to export.
    • Export Filtered – filter the inventory first and then select this option. It is possible to filter by price, product SKU, supplier and many other features.Select Inventory Export Options Screenshot Multiorders
  5. Finally, select one of these options. A file will download with a spreadsheet of the chosen inventory items.Save Exported Inventory Screenshot Multiorders

If you require further help or would like to book an online tour please contact our support team.

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