GUIDE: How To Connect Parcel2go And Amazon?

GUIDE How To Connect Parcel2go And Amazon Multiorders

When you start selling on Amazon, one of the most important tasks is to pick the right shipping carrier. The ability to connect Parcel2go and Amazon can be a good idea for any merchant. By having them both in a single dashboard, you will be able to greatly simplify your order fulfillment.

Connect Parcel2go and Amazon

Why Should You Choose Parcel2go?

Price. Parcel2go claims to offer you the cheapest shipping rates in Europe. This is always a plus for an e-commerce seller!

Parcel protection. Parcel2go includes insurance of your parcel in the shipping price. Note, that the insurance is determined on the weight of your delivery. Therefore, check the rules and limits on your shipped goods.

Track your parcel. This shipping carrier offers to track your parcels for free. You can find where your item is in a few clicks.

Connect Parcel2go and Amazon

Simple Way To Connect Parcel2go and Amazon

Multiorders is a shipping management software, where you can add multiple shops and shipping carriers. With our software, you can easily manage your online stores and shipments from one place. Moreover, you can add Amazon as well as other e-commerce marketplaces and shopping carts. All the integrations have no additional cost!

With our software, you can manage your shipments easily. First of all, you can choose from different shipping carriers, such as Parcel2go, USPS, UPS, FedEx UK and many more. Also, you can cut manual work by connecting everything into one dashboard, because you will not need to copy and paste the information from your marketplace order to your carriers booking screen. In addition, with Multiorders, you can create, print and reprint labels without obstacles!

With Multiorders you can easily connect Parcel2go and Amazon by following these steps:

  1. Log in to MultiordersLogin Screenshot Multiorders
  2. Click Integrations. Keep in mind, that you can add however many online stores and shipping carriers you want.Go To Integrations Screenshot Multiorders
  3. Add your Amazon account.
  4. After that is done, connect your Parcel2go account. Click on the Parcel2Go icon in the Integrations page.
  5. Fill in the display name and click Connect.Integrate Parcel2Go Screenshot Multiorders
  6. You will be redirected to the Parcel2go UK webpage. Type your account details and log in.
  7. Parcel2Go will ask the permission if you want your orders to be managed through Multiorders. Press Yes, Allow. Keep in mind that both of the boxes must be marked.

    Parcel2Go requesting your permission - Multiorders integration guide
    It is as simple as that. Once Amazon finishes importing your inventory, you can ship any new orders in just a few seconds.

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