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Google Announcement AMP For Gmail Multiorders

At the end of March, we heard a Google announcement that they’re adding AMP for gmail. It is otherwise known as interactive emails. If you haven’t seen it yet or heard about it, we will fill you in. Interactive emails allow companies to create a more engaging and more interactive user experience for email. It will work similarly to web content.

Interactive emails are based on accelerated mobile pages (AMP). When AMP first came to the market, it was meant to optimise and enable quick-loading on mobile web pages. Since the whole online market is moving to mobile browsing and shopping – a mobile-friendly website became a must.

Before you can jump on the new and exciting interactive email train, you need to receive a confirmation from Gmail.

Furthermore, the internet keeps changing and evolving. Consequently, the outside world also becomes smarter every day. New gadgets constantly pop up and improve the quality of life.

However, email remained the same – with static one-time messages. That is the main reason why Google created AMP for Gmail. With AMP the same email serves more than one purpose and doesn’t go out of date so quickly.

How does AMP work in Gmail?

Since the announcement of AMP for Gmail, quite a few companies have already started using it. In fact, some of the e-commerce giants have even tried AMP in the testing mode. These giants include, Pinterest, Ecwid and many more.

But the question remains – how does it work and who can use it? So far it is only available to businesses that can develop emails in AMP. Dynamic emails help make a regular email more responsive and stay up to date for as long as you need it.

It can update the information whenever you open the same email. It can be a comment thread, a group chat, product purchase or a pin board. Besides, you do not need to go to another app or open a website. Everything happens without leaving the original email message.

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How can you get on board?

Before you can jump on the new and exciting interactive email train, you need to receive a confirmation from Gmail. The reason being that Google is safeguarding this feature the same way as any other part of their businesses. It requires high privacy and security standards. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the users, everyone who wishes to use dynamic email must be reviewed by Gmail.

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