How to Follow GDPR Compliance for Online Sellers 2018

How to follow GDPR compliance for online sellers 2018 multiorders Shipping Management Software

Every customer, client or owner should be on the same page with news. Additionally – law world is not an exception. Especially, when changes point at you. Straightway, let us guide you how to follow GDPR compliance for online sellers 2018.

What is GDPR?

  • GDPR –  is an acronym for General Data Protection Regulation. This new regulation with enforcement date: 25 May 2018.
  • GDPR is designed to protect and allow all EU citizens data privacy. Because of it, all companies, even the smallest ones, need to figure out how to collect and handle personal data about their customers.
  • 25 May 2018 will bring unforgettable changes in e-commerce
  • This law gives users an ability to delete, correct and restrict processing of their data
  • GDPR requires a privacy policy

Why do you need a privacy policy?

  • First of all, before getting started you should definitely write your privacy policy (more about privacy policy). It is the first step of how to follow GDPR compliance for online sellers 2018. In other words, it is a business term. Which gives you and your clients some references.
  • Also, privacy policies give a safeguard for both sellers and visitors. For a fear that users will not entrust their personal data to you, or even use your service. Privacy policy creates trust.
  • In addition, it explains how long a website plans to store private data. Do they plan to delete it after 30 days? Or 90? A privacy policy usually provides that information.

What is a privacy policy?

In view of the client, it helps understand how you are collecting their data, and what are you going to do with it. For example, if a website is holding their personal data through form or cookies.

How should you write a privacy policy?

The most important tip – is to make it clear. The main purpose of writing a privacy policy is that any user would understand it. Imagine your variety of customers, it has to be obvious for each one of them.

Free tool to write a privacy policy

Creating a privacy policy might get really confusing. But Multiorders offers you a solution – free privacy policy generator template. As you already know it is a necessary administration tool, which you certainly need. With our help, you will write it within a few minutes. Also, Multiorders is GDPR compliant. So, we won’t use your personal details for commercial needs.

About GDPR 2018

It is important to realise how the new General Data Protection Regulation works. Keep in mind that it affects not only everyone in the EU but also outside of it. For example, if a company interacts – offer goods or services to citizens of EU. Obviously, it applies to all companies processing and holding personal data of citizens of the European Union.

BREXIT and GDPR 2018

The first thing to remember, this regulation affects all sales connections with EU. So, if you sell goods or services to citizens in other EU countries then you will need to do it in compliance with the GDPR. On the other hand, if your activities work only in the UK, then the position (after the initial exit period) is clear. GDPR education website

What is that personal data which GDPR 2018 protects?

Personal Data – basically, any information which identifies a person. For example – email address, name, bank account details, photos or posts on social networking websites, medical information or even your computers IP address.

How to follow GDPR compliance for online sellers in 2018?

Usually, changes mean new possibilities. GDPR case is not an exception. For example, if you are GDPR compliant, you can gain leverage against your competitors. European customers will like you more and feel safe to use your services. Moreover, a GDPR compliant company should make it a selling point. The only question left: how to follow GDPR compliance for online sellers 2018? More about GDPR compliant

For this reason, first, you have to be sure with user’s data. You have to only collect data you need. Imagine this, if you are asking for a phone number, you should be really clear why you need it. Of course, if you are not going to use this information, then do not ask for it.

Another key point is to make a clear privacy policy. Make sure that it is easy to “unsubscribe” or “subscribe” to your website. Overall, let users easily find and understand it.

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