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Ebay Inventory Management Software Multiorders

When you start getting plenty of orders, eBay inventory control can become inconvenient and time-consuming. You need to do a lot of manual repetitive tasks and waste your precious time. To avoid this, you should use a third party eBay inventory management software.

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eBay inventory management software

The best eBay inventory management software should have automated inventory management and multiple shipping carrier integrations. Together with automated tracking numbers, fast label printing and multiple sales channel integrations.

Sounds like a lot to handle, but our inventory management software offers all of this and even more features to help you deal with everyday tasks. Most importantly all the process is automatic. Therefore you will save a lot of time and will be able to focus on growing your business.

With Multiorders you can fulfil your orders in a few clicks and move on to getting more profit.

Automated inventory software

Multiorders eBay inventory management software automates your inventory management. For example, when you ship an item through Multiorders, it automatically updates your remaining stock on eBay. In case you have more than one e-commerce platform integrated into Multiorders, exactly the same happens to all sales channels.

This means that when you sell a product, all the channels that have this item update automatically. Therefore you can forget about errors and overselling. Moreover, you can change the price or the amount of inventory available for sale through Multiorders. As a result, it is automatically updated on eBay as well.

Further, you can set a reorder point which allows you to never run out of stock. You can set a specific number at which you will receive a notification of stock running low. Consequently, you can create a purchase order and forget of ever having items run out of stock.


Product bundling and merging

There are multiple reasons why you would want to sell some of your products as a set. One of those reasons would be that you want to get rid of stale stock. By bundling your unpopular products with more prominent ones, you can significantly increase inventory turnover.

In Multiorders, you can easily bundle items together. This way, our software will automatically deduct stock from each item. This works if either the bundle or one of its components gets sold. If any one item runs out of stock, Multiorders will mark the bundle as out of stock. However, if you have the components listed separately, they will still be available for purchase.

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Another great feature that Multiorders has to offer is product merging. It might not seem as a crucial part of an eBay inventory management software while you only have one store.

However, when you add another store into the mix and want to sell the same items there, it quickly becomes obvious that you can’t live without it. When you merge a product from different sales channels, Multiorders keeps track of a unified stock level. What that does, is if you sell your product in one store, the available stock gets updated on every other store that same item is listed in.

This way, you will greatly reduce the risk of overselling. You will also eliminate the need to go through multiple admin panels to adjust stock with every sale and be able to update product information in every store simultaneously.

Multiple shipping carriers

Most of the time, e-commerce sellers are looking for more than inventory management. The best option is to be able to connect all of your business management processes into one dashboard. Because of this, another great feature that Multiorders offers is multiple shipping carrier integrations.

For instance, you sell worldwide. Therefore, you may need to use USPS for shipping inside the US or Canada and DPD for shipping to Europe. All of the most popular shipping carriers throughout the world are available.

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Multiple sales channels

Furthermore, Multiorders eBay inventory management software allows you to integrate as many stores as you need. It doesn’t matter if they are all from different platforms. Multiorders will automate the inventory management process anyway. Therefore, you can forget about daily routine tasks which consume most of your time. With Multiorders you can fulfil your orders in a few clicks and move on to getting more profit.

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