E-Commerce Branding: Email Marketing TIPS

E-Commerce Branding- Email Marketing TIPS Multiorders

Each online seller knows that e-commerce is a very competitive business and requires to constantly think about ways to stand out. For this reason, online store owners use different tools to make their e-commerce branding solutions perform better. One of the most effective strategies is to take advantage of email marketing. That is why we gathered 7 best tips of email marketing and explained them in this article.


Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to increase brand awareness, which brings a huge potential profit. Also, it could build up a relationship with your customer and win back your former clients. Before you start your email marketing campaign, you should build up your email audience. Because of the new GDPR law, you have to make sure that your user agrees to get your emails. One of the smartest solutions is to use pop-ups which require an email. To draw users attention and get more emails, you should offer a discount in the same pop-up. In other words, mixing email pop-ups with discounts helps you create your email audience.

email marketing

7 best tips for email marketing:


1. Welcome email

This type of email definitely stands in the first line of the whole email marketing strategy. That is the first online seller’s move right after a customer signs up. The thing is, to not make it into a promotional email. A simple welcome email is intended to be opened more often than any other promo letter. Also, it helps to start building a relationship with the new client.


2. Shopping cart abandonment

One of the most effective email marketing strategies is automated emails of shopping cart abandonment. Each online seller can send automated emails to customers, who left their store without check-out. In other words, it includes products which were added to a cart, but not bought. This kind of reminder helps you get back the customer’s attention. Usually, they are sent within 1 day after the user’s last visit.


3. Re-engagement email

This email marketing strategy helps build a relationship with your customer. It is important to write re-engagement emails for their life events and national events. That is also called a win back email. That is because they are reminded about your online store, by phrases like “we’ve missed you” or “didn’t hear from you for a while”. Also, to make your emails more effective mix them with a birthday discount.


4. Wishlist email

Wishlist email helps remind about customer’s favourite goods. They should be sent when the product from the customer’s wishlist is back in stock. Also, if the subscribed item goes on sale. This strategy targets only product orientated audience, which affects each subscriber. Besides, it reminds them of certain products.


5. Personalize email

One of the most important email marketing tips is to not treat your customers as a crowd. As soon as you start doing this, they will turn away from your brand. To avoid this, you can try to start using their language in your emails. Although, the easier way to personalize emails is by using a customer’s name. Do not forget to add their name after the “thank you” or “have a good day” phrases.


6. Offer email

This email type helps promote different product categories and inform about new offers. You can send a list of discounts or inform about seasonal goods. It works best if you have segmented your audience into discount customers and face/brand value customers. Then you can send different types of offer emails. Additionally, introduce the latest news from each brand or demonstrate a list of discounts.


7. Newsletter email

If email marketing includes newsletter emails it will definitely maintain a long-term relationship between you and your customer. It should not be too sales-oriented, though emails could be associated with seasonal goods and retail holidays. That is a way to inform your customer about changes in your business or the latest industry news. Also, a smart way to introduce new products and talk about their benefits.


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