Does WooCommerce Have A Thank You Page?

Does WooCommerce Have A Thank You Page? Multiorders

In e-commerce, one of the most important things is to make your customer happy. In order to achieve that goal, you need to sell quality products, create a fast order fulfilment system and take exceptional care of your customers. Have you ever thought that showing gratitude with a simple “Thank You” could drastically increase your customer satisfaction? For this reason, in this article we’ll find out if WooCommerce have a thank you page and how does it work.

WooCommerce have a thank you page


Does WooCommerce have a thank you page?


As mentioned before, online sellers have to always think about their customers. Once someone purchases something, you should show how you appreciate doing business with them. One of the easiest ways would be to create an automated note. Fortunately, WooCommerce have a thank you page, making it much easier to implement. This marketplace allows you to redirect your customer to the Thank You page right after their purchase.


How does WooCommerce thank you page work?


Basically, as soon as your customer buys something, they should be redirected to the thank you page. If they purchase more than one of your products, but only one of them has a custom Thank you page, your customer will automatically go to that page. On the contrary, if all of your products have Thank you pages, then they will be redirected to the page of the first product they added.


How to add a thank you page on WooCommerce?


There are several different ways to customize the WooCommerce thank you page. To mention a few you can use a plugin, filters, overwrite template files or create a redirect. If you decided to choose the first option, you should know that you can use some plugins for free. For example,  either Custom Thank You page for WooCommerce or WC Custom Thank You are totally free. However, all other options require to add additional code to your file


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