Does Shopify Include Email?

Does Shopify Include Email Multiorders

It is not always such a great idea to mix up two different things. Such as your personal life and your work. For this reason, many online sellers have two separate email addresses – one for business and one for personal needs. Before you start working with a certain sales channel, you have got to know what it is capable of and what they can offer you. That is why we took a closer look into Shopify’s abilities to answer this question – does Shopify include email?

Shopify include email

Does Shopify include email?


In order to answer this question properly, we have to start from another one – does Shopify host your email? Basically, Shopify does not provide email hosting services, but there is a possibility to set up an unlimited number of forwarding email addresses. All you have to do is buy a domain through Shopify or transfer your existing domain to Shopify. Only these two ways allow you to set up forwarding email addresses for free.


How to transfer your domain?


First of all, to use this feature, you have to own a registered domain for more than 60 days and have access to your original domain provider account. Another thing, when you transfer a domain, all your management moves to Shopify. In other words, all management, settings and payments must be done through your Shopify account. Basically, Shopify does not provide email accounts as one of their domain services but gives unlimited forwarding email accounts for your domain name.


How to buy a domain from Shopify?


This option is really suitable for those, that do not already have a custom domain. Basically, buying a domain from Shopify will simplify your whole setup process. The price of Shopify’s domain depends on your business model and starts from $11 per year. One of the best things about it, that makes it a good investment is that you keep ownership even when you leave Shopify.


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