Cookies are small packets of data that are stored on a user’s computer. Your browser collects these data packets from the websites you visit, which in turn helps the website tailor search results and suggestions based on individual preference. Ecwid use cookies to make interactions with its users easy and convenient.

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What does Ecwid use cookies for?

As mentioned before, Ecwid use cookies. Specifically, they use two different types of cookies. These types are persistent and session cookies. Session cookies expire after the current session. They disappear when you close the software or turn off your computer. Persistent cookies remain in your computer even after you close the software or shut down your computer. As of 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation implemented strict laws to moderate cookie usage by websites for EU customers. It requires that websites ask permission from their visitors to use cookies. Ecwid offer options for these notifications on your website.

Session cookies

Each time you log in to use the services, Ecwid saves a session cookie uniquely identifying your account. The session cookie allows Ecwid to process your online requests and transactions when you log in. Session cookies help these services work properly.

Persistent cookies will create and use persistent cookies to identify who has used the website. When you provide them with your details or purchase the software, Ecwid generates a unique identifier for you. This identifier is in your web browser. Ecwid is very careful about the data stored in persistent cookies. Cookies do not store any sensitive personal data, such as passwords or account numbers. As with session cookies, you can disable persistent cookies and still use Ecwid, but you won’t be able to use their services effectively.

Third-party cookies

Ecwid also use cookies that come from third-party partners, like Google and social media platforms. They are for tracking and analyzing usage and performance statistics. Ecwid don't share any personal information of the user with third parties, but Ecwid can piece the data together once they receive it.

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