Does BigCommerce Use Cookies?

Does BigCommerce Use Cookies? Multiorders

Cookies are small files stored in a web or data folder. In e-commerce, they create a better experience for both the customers and online sellers. Does every sales channel use them, or let’s be more specific – does BigCommerce use cookies? In this article, we will find the answer to this and explain what cookies are and how they work.

BigCommerce use cookies

Does BigCommerce use cookies?


Nearly all e-commerce platforms use cookies, so this one is not an exception. As all other sales channels, BigCommerce collects some personal information from your customers and shoppers. For example, email address, name and contact details. Keep in mind that BigCommerce does not store your buyer’s credit card information.



Why does BigCommerce use cookies?


The main reason why BigCommerce use cookies is mainly because it makes the whole shopping process quicker. Without cookies, customers would need to log into BigCommerce each time they want to add a product to cart or wishlist. It wouldn’t validate the user’s identity as they browse between the pages. In other words, BigCommerce would be unable to remember your username, password or wishlist and much more. So, that is why cookies are necessary for BigCommerce.


  • Session cookies

There are two types of cookies – session cookies and persistent cookies. The main difference between them is that session cookies are temporary. In other words, they disappear as soon as the user closes their browser. So, when they open a new window, the same user will be treated as a new visitor.


  • Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies have a longer lifetime. They remain in a browser until the period elapses or somebody has to manually delete them. That means that websites will remember their users, even after they close browsers. In e-commerce, persistent cookies help saving shopping carts, so shoppers could retain their products between the sessions.


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