Does BigCommerce Host Email?

Does BigCommerce Host Email Multiorders

When you create your online store you need to make it as recognizable as possible. In other words, show your brand’s name and logo everywhere. For example, in your favicon or your email address. For this reason, some e-commerce platforms allow syncing your email with your store’s domain. Naturally you might wonder if BigCommerce host email? In this article, we will find an answer to this question and explain how does the email hosting in BigCommerce work.

BigCommerce host email

Does BigCommerce host email?


Stop guessing if BigCommerce host email, because the answer is a short – yes. BigCommerce will automatically set up email accounts with your store’s domain. Even more, you will be able to create five custom forwarding addresses. In this manner, your store’s name will show up in all your emails. It will definitely improve your online store’s professional image.


Forwarding email accounts


BigCommerce allows you to set up forwarding email accounts, so you can get all your emails in one address. It helps you see all letters at once and avoid misreading them. In order to do that you need to go to your “Server Settings”. Then, click on the “Email & DNS Records”. After that, under the “Mail Servers” tab you will see all fields for following email addresses.  There you’ll need to add “Display address” and where you want to forward those emails. Also, you can click on the “Add another” button to create an additional email address. In the same manner, you can forward all additional email addresses to the same email. As soon as you finish with this, you should check if everything works. Send a test email from a different email account. Keep in mind, that if you are testing an email address with the one you are forwarding to, your email may get stuck in a forwarding loop.


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