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Document Management Software 2019 Multiorders

When you are leading your business, documents are a big part of your daily routine. Therefore, having a document management software can truly come in handy for achieving better results.

Document management software

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With Multiorders software you can manage all sorts of documents required to run your business. It includes invoices, purchase orders and even reports! Therefore, it will save you time and energy.

As Multiorders lets sellers easily manage suppliers. All you have to do is fill a couple of boxes and that’s it! Multiorders will create your purchase order within seconds. You will only have to send it to your supplier. Also, after sending the purchase order our software will update your item’s status to “awaiting stock”. Later, when you receive the products just click “received” and the stock will again update automatically.

Another great document management solution is the ability to create professional invoices within seconds. Our software will put in your company’s, order’s and customer’s details automatically and you will be able to send the invoice. This is surely the fastest way for this task.

Moreover, with Multiorders you will be able to download different kinds of reports. Whether it is a low stock report, a sales summary or top products, you can access all of them on the dedicated section on the Multiorders website. Also, if you have any special report you desire to get your hands on, you can definitely ask our team and we will make sure your wish is granted!

How to start using Multiorders?

All you have to do is sign up and integrate the online shops and shipping carriers you use. It is super simple and fast.

Great news is that our software does not limit the number of integrations or users. Therefore, feel free to add as many as you desire.

Finally, if you have any questions, the best solution would be to book a demo, which is free of charge! By doing that, you will have the possibility to talk with our developer and ask all the questions about our software. Therefore, don’t wait and try Multiorders!

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