How To Change Your Shopify Store Name

How To Change Your Shopify Store Name Multiorders

As a store owner, it’s not uncommon to want to change your store name. Of course this can be for any number of reasons like re-branding yourself, a better name or any such reasons. Fortunately, it is possible to change your Shopify store name and it is quite an easy process as well.

How to change your Shopify store name

Changing your Shopify store name


Basically, the store name is the name that is displayed on your browser, notifications, emails etc.  To change your Shopify store name,


  • Select the Visit admin tab near the top left.


  • Click on Settings at the bottom left of the page.


  • Select General from the options displayed.


  • Under the Store details section, there is a form for your Store name.


  • You can change your store name here any number of times.


  • Remember to Save before closing.


Changing your Shopify domain name


Although it is easy to change your Shopify store name, it is not possible to change your Shopify domain name. So even though your store name has changed, you will have the same subdomain name as the one you started with.

Your subdomain is the part that preceded the myshopify part of your URL, and thus it would look something like this :


This cannot be changed. The only way to get a new subdomain is to create a new account in Shopify with the name you want. However, there is one thing you can do to prevent having to open a new account and end up having to work from scratch.


Custom domains

Generally, custom domains are the best way to work around your subdomain barrier. When you set up a custom domain, it’ll overwrite your Shopify subdomain and let you access your custom domain. You can either buy a custom domain from a third party or from Shopify. Third party providers are usually cheaper, but require you to have some technical knowledge. Shopify custom domains are comparatively expensive but are easier to implement.


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