Best Way To Organize Ebay Inventory

Best Way To Organize Ebay Inventory Multiorders

It can take up a lot of your time to organize your eBay inventory. Checking if the prices or stock levels are correct throughout all of your eBay stores can be a hassle. Therefore, you have to try out a software, that would have the necessary inventory management features to cut the time costs and help you avoid mistakes.

Organize eBay Inventory

Best Way To Organize eBay Inventory

Multiorders is an inventory management software. It lets merchants connect different sales channels and shipping carriers. This means you can add not only eBay, but also Amazon, Shopify, Etsy as well as USPS, Parcelforce, DPD UK and many more. This way, you can see and manage all of your orders, inventory and shipments in one place.

Organize eBay Inventory

You can easily organize eBay inventory with Multiorders. Instant updates will definitely save you time and energy! You won’t have to correct the price or stock levels by switching websites. This means, you will be able to do all of that on Multiorders. When you make a change it will reflect on all of your sales channels. This is perfect for preventing any kind of mistakes that could happen while making updates.

Why Multiorders?

The possibility to manage your inventory using different built-in features brings a lot of benefits. One of the best features that Multiorders has is product merging. If you sell the same item throughout various channels this is a perfect solution for you.

By merging the products you will be able to monitor your stock easily since all of your shops will be in sync about it.

Another great solution, that Multiorders has is product bundling. If you ever thought about selling your items in bundles, this is especially easy to do with our software. All you have to do is pick the items you want to bundle and press the “bundle” icon. The best part is that Multiorders will withhold your bundle from selling if at least one of the included items is out of stock.

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