What Is The Best Software For Inventory Management?

What Is The Best Software For Inventory Management Multiorders

Keeping track of your inventory is one of the most time consuming tasks for an e-commerce seller. Therefore, investing in the best software for inventory management is totally worth it! Not only will it cut the time costs, but it will also make the process that much easier.

Software For E-commerce Sellers

Multiorders is truly the best inventory management software. With it, you can add multiple online shops and shipping carriers. These include eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, USPS, DPD UK, Parcelforce and many more. By doing this, you will be able to see and manage all of your inventory as well as orders and shipments.

Save time and simplify day-to-day management tasks.

Great news for the sellers who use or want to try out USPS as their carrier. Multiorders offers Commercial Plus Pricing for every user despite the pricing plan you choose. This means, a 48% discount on your shipments and who doesn’t like that?

Best Software for Inventory Management

Inventory management can become an easy task with the selection of features that Multiorders offers. There are plenty of solutions that can revolutionize the way you control your items.

One of them is instant updates. With this solution you will able to fix pricing and stock levels of any item in your dashboard. The best part, is that if you sell the item on multiple channels any change you make will automatically be updated throughout all of them.

Just keep in mind, that in order to be able to use this functionality you have to merge your products. In addition, Multiorders offers you the ability to bundle products. This is an amazing feature if you want to sell multiple items at once. By bundling your products, you can not only boost your sales, but also create a unique offer for your customer.

Moreover, what is really useful is that Multiorders will withhold your bundle from selling if at least one of the items is out of stock. This is truly an amazing opportunity for the seller to sit back and stop worrying about keeping track of everything.

best software for inventory management

Furthermore, in order to be completely stress free Multiorders offers the ability to create low stock alerts. This means, the software will notify you when an item is low on stock for you to reorder or produce the product on time.

By doing this you will definitely avoid overselling and stressful situations! Therefore, do not hesitate, try the best inventory management software for free or just book a demo and see it for yourself.

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