In order to smooth the shipping process you need to set clear goals and automate it as much as possible. This can be achieved by hiring quite a few employees or by using the best Shopify shipping management software. Obviously, using the software is a more effective way as it is cost friendly and requires less management.

However, it is hard to choose from the variety that is out there, especially if you are not sure about the exact needs and possibilities. Therefore we suggest you try out Multiorders. It is undoubtedly the best Shopify shipping management software to use in 2019.

Multiorders has plenty of features to suit any kind of Shopify business. The only setup required is to integrate your Shopify shop. This is a very straightforward process and doesn't require any specific knowledge.

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Unlimited Carriers

First of all, with Multiorders you can add an unlimited amount of carriers. Let’s put it this way, you can use UPS, USPS, FedEx, DPD and whichever carrier you wish. Multiorders cares about their customers and therefore provides a full range of carriers worldwide.

For example, you have sales in the US and Europe. You can use USPS to ship items to the US. Then when you need to ship items to the UK you can choose DPD and so on.

USPS logo - commercial plus rates on Multiorders shipping management software

USPS commercial plus pricing

Moreover, when you use USPS with Multiorders, you automatically get USPS commercial plus pricing. This provides significant savings no matter how many packages you send per day. USPS commercial plus pricing means that you will get the lowest prices available for that moment.

Multiorders has plenty of features to suit any kind of Shopify business

Shipping labels

One more very useful point, when you are ready to ship an item, you can print labels instantly. Multiorders actually offers the choice of different label styles and if you want, you can even request a customised one.

With Multiorders, the best Shopify shipping management software, you can print labels and other necessary documents like invoices, packing lists and return forms. You can print those at any time and as many times as you need.

Shipping presets

In addition, to make the shipping process faster than it already is, you can create shipping presets. You can do this for the most common shipments you make. For example, you can set the standard dimensions of your package. As a result, when you send something, you just choose that preset instead of filling all the information manually.

Use Multiorders shipping management software and save time, money and other resources that are so valuable

Merge orders

Lastly, Multiorders - the best Shopify shipping management software, offers you the option to merge orders. In other words, when you have more than one order going to the same address, Multiorders will offer you to merge them together.

In this case, you can save on the shipping price and only send one parcel instead of multiple. Order merging is convenient not only for you, but also for the customer. The main reason being, that everyone prefers to receive one delivery instead of multiple.

In conclusion, use Multiorders shipping management software and save time, money and other resources that are so valuable.

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