Best Inventory Management Software 2019

Best Inventory Management Software 2019 Multiorders

There is no such thing as a problem without a solution, especially when we are talking about business. You should always keep searching for ways to improve your business management. That is why between all your New Year’s resolutions for 2019 you should add one more that will make a big change in your workweek. That addition should be the best inventory management software 2019 because if you’re gonna implement a solution for your business, why not go for the best straight away.


Why do you need one?

Basically, there are two ways to manage your online business – try to manage everything manually and hire yourself a big team or choose an automated solution that can do it all for you. Every e-commerce store owner has to take care of the same routine tasks day in, day out. The list can look simple when you categorise these tasks into inventory management, taking care of shipping, managing finances, answering customer queries and requests, and promoting the products you sell. However, this is a much more complex undertaking when you break this list down into the parts your daily routine actually consists of.

Best inventory management software 2019

Another reason why you need to use inventory management software is to avoid human errors. When you are dealing with hundreds of orders it is almost impossible to double-check each one of them, so some mistakes in invoices, shipping information or stock levels shouldn’t surprise you. Of course, hiring a larger team could help you avoid some mistakes caused by being rushed. On the other hand, when you compare the expenses a large team would require and the value it brings to what a software solution can do for you – software wins. You can choose a cost-effective solution that will improve your business by automating it. With the help of software, you can fulfil any order by making only a few clicks.


All in all, an inventory management software can be called a beneficial solution because it can automate your whole business for a reasonable price. With the best inventory management software 2019 you won’t encounter any human mistakes ever again and order fulfilment will take seconds.



What to look for in it?


The exact features that you will need actually largely depend on the specifics of your business. For starters – is your store physical, online or both? Do you sell on one marketplace or multiple? Do you need software that could create a single order management system or you simply need to cover one part of your business, like inventory or shipping management? When you answer all these questions, you will get a better idea of what kind of software you should be looking for. However, we would like to introduce you with the key points that you should look for in order to choose the best inventory management software 2019.

Best inventory management software 2019

As mentioned before, if you are working with multiple sales channels, you should be able to connect all of them in a single platform. In that case, you don’t have to switch from one website to another to see if anyone bought anything. Having the same software pull orders in from all your stores is a beast of a timesaver. Also, it allows you to fulfil any order despite its originating marketplace.


After you find a solution that connects all the necessary marketplaces in a single management system, you will need to ship your products. That is why the best inventory management software should also have integrations with the most popular shipping carriers. Once you got an order and took care of updating your stock, it’s really handy to be able to fulfil that order with just a few extra clicks. Look for software that gives you a choice of multiple shipping carriers, the ability to generate labels for them all, add/update tracking information and push that information to where the order came from. You can call it the best inventory management software 2019 only if it has it all.


Best inventory management software 2019

However, there are much more quality of life features that would benefit you. As you might already know, online business is a lot more work than only inventory and shipping management. Integrations like Mailchimp, allow you to easily grow an audience for announcing deals, taking surveys and other marketing shenanigans.


In this post we have outlined every single mandatory and optional feature that combine into the best inventory management software 2019 – Multiorders. If you want to know more about how exactly these features can help you grow your business, keep on reading.


best inventory management software 2019



Inventory management

  • Product bundling
  • Product merging
  • All inventories in a single page (all-in-one)
  • Product import-export
  • Profit margins
  • Reorder points
  • VAT calculator
  • Instant updates


Product bundling  

This feature allows you to make sets of products by linking them together. Usually, it helps sell more products or clear your inventory. Also, it is way more profitable than discounting each product separately. The only problem is that you have to check quantities for every product included in the bundle. That is why Multiorders enables you to link products together without having to create a whole new product. It updates product quantities despite if the whole bundle or just a part of it was sold.



Product merging

If you are selling the same products on more than one marketplace this tool will create a major impact on your inventory management. Product merging allows you to synchronize inventory for a product in multiple marketplaces. By merging products, you can track the stock of that product via a single number. When a merged product is sold on one sales channel, the available stock is updated on every other marketplace that product is listed on. This is one of many solutions that make Multiorders the best inventory management software 2019.


All inventories in a single page (all-in-one) 

Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels, so it allows you to work with all of them in a single system. As soon as you connect your sales channel, you will see all the products in a single dashboard. In order to connect it, you simply need to log in with your marketplace account. Also, this way you have an option to fulfil any order despite it’s originating marketplace. Moreover, the best inventory management software 2019 has to show you all your orders, customer details and shipping details.


Products import-export

When you work with a number of customers, products, inventories, and orders, exporting and importing them via a CSV file is crucial. We understand that and offer you a solution – CSV import-export to all of the most popular sales channels. This way you can easily sell your products through multiple marketplaces without wasting your time uploading your inventory. 



Profit margins  

You can add a “Buying price” on each of your product. This way, Multiorders will automatically calculate your profit margins. Also, it will help in figuring out which of your products are the most beneficial and how much profit they bring. Profit margins are a simple tool that makes your inventory management easier and more efficient.


best inventory management software 2019


Reorder points

Multiorders allows you to set reorder points on each of your products. For instance, you can set different reorder points for certain products. As soon as your product quantity falls to that amount, the system will send you an alert to inform you that your stock is running low. Therefore, your stock won’t surprisingly drop to zero and you can always be informed about your stock levels. You will get enough time to re-order more products, so your customers won’t feel disappointed when they see “currently unavailable” or “out of stock”.



VAT calculator

The VAT is a shortening of value-added taxes. It is a tax placed on a production to the point of sale.  There are certain variations between different countries, which depend on different types of products. Basically, Multiorders offers you a free tool that automatically calculates VAT. It generates VAT rates for the exact product type and your selling location. Because of this, you do not have to search for additional VAT calculators or try to calculate it manually.



Instant updates

All changes that you make in Multiorders will instantly appear in each of your sales channels. Because of the directly connected inventory system, your modifications are visible in real-time. You don’t have to waste additional time by going through different websites for some inventory updates. All changes can occur in one system.



Order management

  • Multiple Integrations
  • Filters
  • Order merging
  • Physical/online store


Multiple Integrations 

Multiorders offers you a broad spectrum of integrations that will surely satisfy your business needs. It works with world leading sales channels, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Etsy, WooCommerce, Houzz, ManoMano, Ecwid, BigCommerce, SquareSpace, Bonanza, etc. As well as most popular shipping carriers, like FedEx, DPD, USPS, UPS, myHermes, etc. With these two types of integrations, you have an option to cherry pick whom will ship your orders and fulfil them despite their originating marketplace. Also, Multiorders offers you a payment gate integration – Stripe and a marketing solution with MailChimp.

best inventory management software 2019


The best inventory management software 2019 has to think about their clients, so there are features created to improve user experience. For instance, you have an option to sort literally everything by your chosen filters. This function is available in each software tab – orders, inventory, customers, purchases and suppliers. You can filter your orders by SKU, stock-level, name, marketplace, price or any other specification. Multiorders offers you a convenient way to find the information that you need and avoid endless scrolling.



Order merging  

Order merging automatically detects the same addresses and provides you with an option to merge unsent orders. Basically, if your customer orders a few separate products to the same address you can ship them all at once. In this manner, you can ship several orders while still only using one shipping label. With order merging, you will greatly reduce the expenses associated with shipping.

Physical/Online  store

Multiorders users can be both: physical and online store owners. It doesn’t matter where your store is located, because you still need to manage it. Physical store owners can simply register and add all of their inventory. Then update it, manage shipping and fulfil orders. Basically, they can use all our features the same way online store owners can. Managing everything on a single platform will significantly improve your time efficiency.



Shipping management

  • Multiple shipping carriers
  • Printing labels
  • Better shipping rates
  • Tracking numbers
  • Order status
  • Updates to marketplaces
  • Scalability


Multiple shipping carriers  

The best inventory management software 2019 has integrations with all of the most popular shipping carriers, such as Parcel2Go, RoyalMail, UPS, myHermes, DPD, FedEx, USPS and Parcelforce, so you can work with each one of them. Basically, as soon as you receive an order through Multiorders simply click on the chosen shipping company’s logo and the software will do the rest. You will get labels printed in seconds, the system will auto-update the order with a tracking number and show you order’s status. Basically, as soon as you choose your shipping carrier, you are allowed to forget about your order, because the software will take care of it.

best inventory management software 2019

Printing labels

Once you choose your preferred shipping carrier, you can get labels printed in seconds. Because of multiple integrations that Multiorders has, all your order information is automatically transferred to your shipper. As a consequence, you will save a lot of time that you usually waste on filling out your customer’s contact details. Also, you have the option to print multiple labels on the same label sheet. Because of this, you will save even more time on printing labels and of course use all the free space of your label sheets. Furthermore, it is the perfect way to avoid human errors while adding information as sensitive as contact inventory management software 2019


Better shipping rates  

Working with Multiorders allows you to use USPS Commercial Plus Pricing and ship your orders with the best shipping rates. There are no additional conditions or limits for shipping volume. Usually, to get this kind of pricing you have to be selling anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 items annually. However, Multiorders users have the option to ship with USPS Commercial Plus Pricing right out of the box without any hidden fees.



Tracking numbers  

To make your business even more efficient Mutliorders software is capable of updating order tracking information. As soon as a shipping carrier announces a tracking number, the system automatically adds it to your Multiorders dashboard. Also, it will auto-update this information into your sales channel and inform your customer about it. Basically, you do not need to check any shipping details, because the software will do it for you.



Order status  

Multiorders allows you to connect all your marketplaces and orders in a single dashboard. Additionally, you can see the status for each of your orders at once. It will only take seconds to find out which orders are shipped out and which are already delivered. Also, you can sort your orders by choosing a certain status filter. In doing so, all the real-time statuses will be in a single dashboard.


Updates to marketplaces

As mentioned before, Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels, so it allows you to automatically update each order’s status. That means you do not have to add tracking numbers or all other information about the order in that marketplace. Multiorders auto-updates order status and tracking numbers.




Multiorders inventory management software is suitable for both small retail stores and big e-commerce companies. It offers you pricing that depends on the size of your business. Basically, you can connect all your marketplaces in a single dashboard, so Multiorders is a suitable option even when your business expands. Our inventory management software is capable of offering a plan that suits your business every step of the way from a single person with a laptop to an ecommerce empire. Also, we are ready to create custom features and tailored solutions.




  • Vendors
  • Automated inventory
  • Purchase orders, invoices and payments



All retailers have an option to connect their products with vendors. This way each new order automatically synchronizes with a certain manufacturer. You can add all vendors whom you are working with by filling in their details, such as name and email address. Once you do it, Multiorders is able to automatically fulfil your orders.

best inventory management software 2019


Automated inventory 

As mentioned before, Multioders has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels, so you can connect them all in a single dashboard. When your manufacturer sends you stock-list updates, you don’t have to go through all the different marketplaces to change quantities or descriptions. All changes that you make in Multiorders will instantly appear in their corresponding sales channel.



Purchase orders, invoices and payments 

Because of multiple integrations, you can send all POs, invoices and payments through Multiorders. Basically, you don’t have to go to any additional software to fulfil your orders. When you add your vendor details and a marketplace provides us with customer details, all that is left to do is to make a few mouse clicks and your sale is complete.




All other features

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Payments
  • Mobility
  • User Roles
  • Alerts
  • Analytics
  • Multi-currency
  • Amazon FBA
  • Amazon MCF
  • Custom filters
  • Reports
  • Purchase orders
  • Suppliers
  • Custom Integrations
  • Demo 
  • Free trial



This inventory management software is an amazing solution that combines it all – shipping, inventory management and marketing. Multiorders integrates with Mailchimp and creates the opportunity for you to use this marketing tool. For example, you can create email surveys or send promotional emails without adding each new customer manually. Basically, Multiorders will synchronize all your customers with Mailchimp to fulfil your marketing ideas.

best inventory management software 2019




The payment gateway is a necessary feature for the best inventory management software 2019. Without it, you will find yourself going through several different platforms in order to complete your sale. Multiorders has a Stripe integration that allows fulfilling all your orders in a more efficient way. You can easily receive payments and complete your sale using only one software.

best inventory management software 2019


There is no need to download Multorders in each computer that you decide to use. Multiorders App is a cloud-based software that can be reached from any device that can open a browser. Basically, all you need is a gadget and the Internet. This way, you do not need to waste your time installing software or worry about your hardware compatibility. The best inventory management software 2019 offers you access to your orders from all around the world.



User Roles  

Multiorders offers you an option to add your team members and set user roles for them. For instance, you can have separate employees set as shipping manager, order manager, accounts manager, company admin, etc. Afterwards, you can dedicate orders or marketplaces to a specific team member. That kind of diversity will increase your business efficiency and create a perfect workflow.

best inventory management software 2019


One of the biggest mistakes for online sellers is to run out of stock without even knowing that. This situation will definitely cause some customers dissatisfaction when they see “out of stock” or “currently unavailable” next to your products. Resupply alerts help avoid these kinds of situations because each time your stock levels are about to run out, you will get notified about it.




The possibility to connect all your marketplaces allows Multiorders to easily set up analytics, based on your performance. In one system you can see top products, best buyers, top cities or countries, all sales, total orders, etc. With this information, you get a better understanding of your existing sales. Also, it helps in forecasting future profits.

best inventory management software 2019

As soon as you register your account you can set a preferred currency. Also, if you are selling through multiple sales channels all your products will show up in the Multiorders dashboard with their existing currencies. In other words, you will be able to fulfil your orders in the same currency as the one that you originally set in your store.



Amazon FBA

Fulfilment by Amazon allows you to stock your products in Amazon’s warehouses. This way you do not have to own a place to keep your stock. When you make a sale on Amazon, they will take care of your order. The best inventory management software 2019 should allow you to fulfil your orders with Amazon. That is why Multiorders integration with Amazon allows you to do that, simply click on the “ship order” button and choose “Amazon FBA”.



Amazon MCF

Basically, Multi-channel fulfilment by Amazon allows you to use Amazon FBA for all other marketplaces. You can stock your items in an Amazon warehouse, but sell them through any other sales channel. In other words, it is selling through multiple sales channels by using Amazon’s stocking and shipping solution. In Multiorders you also have the option to choose fulfilment by Amazon MCF. Aftwerwards, the best inventory management software 2019 will auto-update your store with order status and tracking number.

best inventory management software 2019


Custom filters

Custom filters are an irreplaceable tool that makes your management more efficient. You can sort orders or products by your own combination of filters, as well as save them for future use. For instance, you can filter the purchases table to show only the items that are sold in a certain marketplace and at a certain price range. If you save that kind of custom filter, next time you can select it from saved filters and see only those orders.




Save different statistics, summaries, shipments or purchases and download them in an Excel file. This is a convenient way to collect data or keep records for future needs. Set a suitable name and description for each of your reports and download them as much as you want. The best inventory management software 2019 offers you access to information whenever you need it.



Purchase orders  

Multiorders is able to automatically send purchase orders to all your manufacturers. As soon as you get a new order, click on the “Ship order” button and choose your dropshipper (vendor, whom you are working with). The best inventory management software 2019 will automatically send a purchase order and fulfil all following steps. This way, you don’t have to contact your manufacturer manually or use additional programs to create purchase orders.




All online sellers are able to link their products with suppliers. In this case, you can refill your inventory with a few clicks. Basically, as soon as your resupply alerts start showing that your inventory levels dropped down, you can immediately refill them by clicking on a certain supplier. The best inventory management software 2019 improves your time efficiency and eliminates all possible human errors.



Custom Integrations  

Multiorders can offer you different custom solutions, tailored specifically to fit your every need. For instance, when you cannot find the right pricing plan that will fit your business needs, you can always contact our representatives and we will offer you a custom solution. Moreover, we are flexible for integrating more sales channels or shipping carriers, so if you can’t find the company you need among our integrations, feel free to contact us.




In order to better understand all the features Multiorders can offer you and find how the software can help improve your business, you can book a live demo. First, you will need to choose a time slot – 30mins, 1hr or 1h 45mins demo version and then select your prefered date and time. After filling out your contact details, a member of our team will contact you and guide you through all the features the best inventory management software 2019 has to offer.



Free trial 

All Multiorders users have the opportunity to evaluate the best inventory management software 2019 by trying it for free. The first 100 orders are free with no credit card required, and the trial includes all our features. Basically, you can fulfil a hundred orders, using the best shipping rates and any marketplace you work with. It is a simple way to find out whether this software is suitable for you. Also, after your first 100 orders, you can select a pricing plan that best fits the size of your business.


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