Best Etsy Shipping Management Software 2019

Best Etsy Shipping Management Software 2019 Multiorders

As there are more and more sellers emerging on Etsy marketplace, you have to think about your competitive advantage. If you start reducing time spent on shipping tasks, you will definitely gain some of it. Therefore, best Etsy shipping management software is here to help.

Best Etsy Shipping Management Software

Best Etsy Shipping Management Software

Multiorders is a shipping management software, where you can add multiple sales channels and shipping carriers. With our software you can add Etsy as well as other marketplaces and shopping carts. These include Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce and many more. Therefore, it will help you manage your shipments in one dashboard!

Best Etsy Shipping Management Software

Moreover, you can connect different shipping carriers like USPS, DPD UK, UPS, FedEx UK and others. Just press on the order, select the shipping carrier and let Multiorders handle the rest. In fact, our software offers a 48% discount on USPS shipping! In order to have Commercial Plus Pricing our software does not require any type of high monthly volume.

Features Offered By Multiorders

Multiorders is a perfect tool to manage your shipments. With our software you can:

  • Receive and ship orders. When you get an order it will appear on your Multiorders dashboard. From there you can choose which shipping carrier you would like to use.
  • Print labels easier. When you choose your shipping carrier, Multiorders will generate your shipping label. Not only will you be able to create and print labels in a few seconds, but also reprint them at any time! Moreover, bulk label printing the option to is great if you want to cut the time cost.
  • Track shipments. Our software is perfect if you want to forget controlling the shipments manually. Multiorders shipping management software will auto-update your sales channels with the order status and tracking information.
  • Create shipping presets. It is a perfect way to reduce time wasted on putting the parcel dimensions manually every time.
  • Use Fulfilment by Amazon services. It is the perfect option if you do not have a warehouse or time to deal with tasks regarding shipping.

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