Best Etsy Order Management Software 2019

Best Etsy Order Management Software 2019 Multiorders

When you start selling your handmade products and crafts on Etsy it is easy to get overwhelmed. Etsy order management is actually not as hard as it sounds and you only need a little bit of time to get acquainted with the process. After a short period everything will go as smoothly as you always wanted.

However, when you decide to add another store, it becomes a different story entirely. It doesn’t make much of a difference if it’s another Etsy shop or a shop on any other marketplace. Fortunately, there is a solution for Etsy order management and any other marketplace as well. That solution is Multiorders order management software.

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Receiving the order on Etsy

After making a sale you can easily find your sold products under the “Orders & Shipping” tab. Etsy will automatically send you an email to inform you about the sale. Make sure that you provide the correct email address and that it is up to date (in your Account settings).

When Etsy charges your customer, you will be paid according to your chosen payment method. These can be:

  • Paypal account
  • Etsy account
  • Check

If you listed all of your items and set the amount of products available as one for each, then whenever they are sold, they will be removed from the active listings. Later you can relist them or update with a new number of available items. Bare in mind, that if you plan to sell more than one of each, you should set the right quantity on the listing. Basically, you can do that any time by editing the listing or do it in advance when posting a new listing.

If you sell the same item on any other store, Multiorders will automatically deduct the available stock. This way, you will never have to be at risk of unexpectedly running out of stock. You can also adjust available stock from your dashboard and it will update every store you sell your product in.

Contact information

Sometimes after making the sale you will need to get in touch with the buyer to confirm some details. Etsy does not require to fill any additional information when buying a product. However, it does require personal information when you create an account. If you need to get in touch with the buyer you can do it straight through Etsy. If you click on the order and select Contact, you will be able to write an email to your buyer.

Easy Etsy order management

To manage orders from Etsy or any other store, just go to the Orders tab in your Multiorders dashboard. The management system is very straightforward. Under the Orders tab at the top you will see five sections:

  • New
  • Shipped
  • All
  • Amazon FBA
  • Dropshipping

The status changes automatically depending on your actions taken. For example, if you shipped your item and marked the order as shipped, it will automatically be moved to the Shipped section. When you mark an order as shipped, you just have to select the shipping carrier and you’re done. Once you ship your order, Multiorders will generate a tracking number, and update your order status on Etsy.

Shipping labels

If you use Etsy Payments or have a PayPal account, you can use Etsy directly for label purchasing and printing. This feature however, is only available for stores based in Canada and US. If you own more than one store you can use Multiorders order management system and generate shipping labels automatically for any shipping carrier. By shipping through Multiorders you will also get the best available USPS rates.

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