The best ecommerce inventory management software to use in 2019 is Multiorders. In this article, we are going to explain why and you will be left wondering why you are not using it. Coming up next, you will find out about the main features that Multiorders offers. These are -  product merge by SKU, automatic updates between multiple e-commerce platforms, product bundles, low stock alerts and many more.

It is very straightforward to start using Multiorders and does not cost anything for a trial period. When you finish the registration process, integrate an unlimited amount of e-commerce shops. All the products with the same SKU will merge and your new ecommerce inventory management software will be ready to use.

Update stock levels

In addition, the stock levels in all your e-commerce stores will update automatically. For instance, there are five separate stores and they share the same products between them. Whenever one product is bought from any of the shops, Multiorders will automatically adjust the stock levels in all sales channels accordingly.

It is possible to integrate an unlimited amount of stores from an unlimited amount of e-commerce platforms.

Low stock alerts

Obviously, managing inventory in multiple shops can get overwhelming, but not with Multiorders. This is because Multiorders has developed a low stock alert system, which offers email notifications when a product's stock drops to the reorder point. Reorder point is a certain number that you can set on the software. It means that when a stock drops to this number, let's say 7, a notification is shown and you will receive notification by email.

When the stock level drops to 7 it means it is about time to create a purchase order. After receiving the goods from a supplier you can update all the stock with only a few clicks. Most importantly, with reorder point in place, you will avoid ever going out of stock.

Product bundles/kits

With all the stock in place and inventory management going great, you can move on to implementing product bundles. Product bundles are also known as kits. In other words, a product bundle is a set of products which you sell as a single unit. Sets contain multiple products which are cheaper bought together than when you buy them all separately.

Product bundles are especially difficult to maintain the stock of. Therefore, businesses often fail to avoid overselling. However, not when using Multiorders. Multiorders automatically updates all the stock available in all the shops. For instance, your business sells nightwear. From researching your sales, you found out that customers tend to buy sleepwear and socks together. Consequently, you create a product set in the store which includes a pair of socks and a nightgown.

Then in Multiorders, you create a product bundle, which means that the software will take into consideration both separate items when counting stock for a bundle. So if there are no socks left, the bundle will be shown as out of stock. Simply because you will not be able to complete this order.

This way you can reduce overselling to the minimum and have less unhappy customers.

Obviously, managing inventory in multiple shops can get overwhelming, but not with Multiorders.

Buying price

Another great feature that Multiorders offers, is setting the buying price. This is especially useful when tracking product margins and calculating profits. In other words, you know how much you pay for the product and can quickly make decisions based on it.

Product history

Moving forward, Multiorders not only stores the product history, but it allows you to import and export inventory to a CSV file. For example, if there is a need to double check the inventory, you can export and share it between an unlimited amount of employees.

Best ecommerce inventory management software

Together with all the main features mentioned above, Multiorders offers many others. Such as filters, notes or the tag system. It can all be accessed by any subscription tier. What is more, a new user can book an online tour and get hands-on experience with the best ecommerce inventory management software for 2019.

Goda Jurgaityte
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