Best Ebay Sales Insights And Reports 2019

Best Ebay Sales Insights And Reports 2019 Multiorders

When you are a successful eBay seller, you probably wish to stay on top of the game. In order to achieve this, you need to constantly track the trends and forecast your sales. When you are able to gather the best eBay sales insights and reports you enable yourself to gain a competitive advantage.

Moreover, if you are an entrepreneur who deals with every single business task yourself, it can become quite a hassle to keep track of everything. Therefore, you should use Multiorders. This software will help you generate comprehensive personalised eBay sales reports and optimize various business processes.

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Best eBay sales insights & reports

When you finish with your order fulfilling, you can focus on the analysis of your business. With the best eBay sales insights & reports, you can adjust your business strategy and focus on the most profitable products. Therefore, Multiorders makes sure that you are aware of the basic eBay insights straight from the beginning.

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Whenever you log in to your account and go to the Dashboard, you will see the basic information such as new orders, sales, total orders, items low on stock, top customers, top products and many more. It is important to mention, that on this dashboard you can also analyse purchases made by the hour. This is extremely helpful if you want to adjust your marketing strategy and save money.

When you have created the basic view and understanding of how your eBay business is doing, go to the Reports section. There you will find the best eBay sales insights and reports.

In addition, you can gain knowledge on inventory performance, sales summary, the best products which have the biggest turnover or quantity sold and many more. Keep in mind, that you can also check eBay selling reports for different periods of time. You can do that by choosing the period at the top of the reports list.

This software will help you generate comprehensive personalised eBay sales reports and optimize various business processes.

Multiorders regularly updates all the reports. Therefore you can keep checking for changes and track the life cycle of each product effectively. Even more, you can download the automatically generated eBay reports in a spreadsheet and save them for future comparison.

Custom reports available

Even though the automatically generated reports are incredibly useful, you may need additional information from time to time. For that reason, Multiorders offers custom reports.

You can request a custom report by clicking on the Request Custom Report button at the top of the Reports page. You will need to provide the details of the information needed and our experts will get back to you for further clarifications. Custom reports are created as soon as possible, though sometimes may take up to two weeks.

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