B2C E-commerce Trends

B2C Ecommerce Trends Multiorders

Each year has its own trends in all fields and e-commerce is not an exception. That doesn’t just mean that each year brings new shoppers, but they simply have new insights about online stores. Each year shoppers tend to lean towards some things more than others. For this reason, online sellers should follow new b2c e-commerce trends and slightly change their business strategies. We did a lot of research on the shopping habits of consumers and compiled our findings into this article.


6 best b2c e-commerce trends for this year

1. New generation of buyers

As mentioned before, each year brings new shoppers into e-commerce. Nowadays, millennials stand out from others with the possibility to shop online at their young age. For this reason, online sellers should pay attention to their needs, because each year they are fueling the market. One of the most important things about millennials is that they look up to reviews more than others. Also, they pay attention to an online store’s testimonial and history. Besides that, customer service availability is crucial. So, the first one of b2c e-commerce trends should be the intuitive self-service interface. Keep it available 24/7 and as easy to use as possible.


b2c e-commerce trends New generation of buyers



2. Multi-channel business

One of the greatest b2c e-commerce trends is multi-selling. Global business, which includes multiple sales channels. Although, it could also be multiple stores in the same marketplace. Consider international prospects and using local language. For example, you could create multiple eBay accounts, for different countries. Also, use different sales channels to get a bigger reach. Therefore, you should use third-party software, like Multiorders. It simplifies complex fulfilment processes. Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular shipping carriers and sales channels. It allows you to control all orders in a single dashboard and auto-syncs all inventory modifications. Also, automatically sends tracking information to each marketplace and allows to print labels. This way, online sellers fulfil orders without any human errors.


b2c e-commerce trends Multi-channel business


3. Mobile friendly

Shoppers often buy things through their phone – while on their way home, to work, etc. For this reason, sellers have to make sure that their online stores are mobile friendly. First of all, choose mobile e-commerce platforms. On the other hand, if you have your own website make sure that everything looks good on the smaller screens. Pay attention to how your front page looks on mobile and desktop. Put only the most important information there, and create an attractive design.


b2c e-commerce trends Mobile friendly


4. Transparent pricing

Another fact of 2018 b2c e-commerce trends is that shoppers love transparent pricing. More often than not, there are unsatisfied customers who are unhappy with dramatic changes in pricing. For example, a subscription fee. It is always better to add discounts sometimes than randomly change your pricing. Be sure, that your services have no hidden fees or other tricks. Be a convenient and transparent brand.


b2c e-commerce trends Transparent pricing

5. Social selling

Social selling is not the newest online business strategy but it is a very enticing tactic in 2018. Keep in mind, that social selling does not mean creating multiple ad campaigns in every social media channel. On the contrary – it is for building a personal relationship. Online sellers should be active on social media by providing insights and answering questions. Additionally, it will build a relationship between you and your client. Pay attention to what they say about your brand, and don’t only think about the ads.


b2c e-commerce trends Social selling


6. Personalization

Personalization never gets old among all b2c e-commerce trends. Shoppers love to get red-carpet treatment. You have to pay attention to each one of them and make them feel special. For example, create catalogues, pricing and products organized by their specific needs. Also, while performing customer service, make sure to remember and mention their name. Try to create a personal contact with each client.

b2c e-commerce trends Personalization


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