SOLUTION: Amazon And UPS Shipping Management 2019

SOLUTION Amazon And UPS Shipping Management 2019 Multiorders

Shipping is a large and very important part of every business. Each Amazon seller has to think about how to make it more effective. When you use Multiorders as your Amazon and UPS shipping management software it can help you achieve exactly that. Cut the time costs, manual work and stress out of your daily routine in order to improve your business right now.

Amazon and UPS Shipping Management

Best Amazon UPS Shipping Management Software

Multiorders is a shipping management software, that allows you to make your business more efficient and successful. With Multiorders you can connect different marketplaces, shopping carts, shipping carriers and control them from one place. These include Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, UPS, USPS, FedEx UK and many more.

Amazon and UPS Shipping Management

Our software offers the possibility to ease shipping tasks. For example, you can fulfill your orders in a couple minutes. Just select the order, choose a shipping carrier and let Multiorders do the rest of the work for you.

Moreover, label printing problems can be solved immediately with Multiorders. Here you can create, print and reprint them at any time you want. Auto-updating orders is another great feature. Multiorders automatically updates your sales channels when you ship your order.

How To Integrate Amazon and UPS?

As I mentioned before, Multiorders lets you add multiple shipping carriers. This feature is great if you want to reduce your shipping cost. In order to do that, first you have to know how to integrate Amazon and UPS.

Amazon and UPS Shipping Management

Adding different integrations to our software is simple. When you log into Multiorders, add Amazon. After this, in order to connect your UPS account you will need the UPS access key. When you get the access key, go to Multiorders, select UPS and fill in the required information. There you will need to use the UPS access key.

After you integrate Amazon and UPS, enjoy the benefits of having everything on one dashboard! This will save you time, stress and worry.

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