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Amazon Sellers European Seller Conference 2019 Multiorders

In 2019 the most awaited European Seller Conference happened in Prague. Prague is one of the most beautiful places located in the middle of Europe. It has marvellous bridges, towers and plenty of historical sites to explore. If you have attended this event, then you know how lucky you got. As you had a chance to participate in a brilliant event and visit the historical city.

Additionally, the conference welcomed Amazon sellers who own one or more Amazon stores in Europe and the USA. This year the participants of European Seller Conference had a chance to learn about the latest Amazon tips and tricks. It included the latest trends, changes, SEO topics, social media, PPC campaigns, Amazon FBA and many more.

This year the international speakers gathered from UK, Lithuania, USA, Germany, Israel, Serbia and the Czech Republic.

What to expect in European Seller Conference 2019

First of all, only 200 tickets were up for purchase for the attendees who had a chance to learn from the best. The small group of international speakers who have successful businesses shared their knowledge and encouraged attendees to grow their companies.

There were plenty of topics to choose from. They ranged from strategies for localising products and brands for different country markets to ways to bring in external traffic and many more e-commerce specifics applied to Amazon.

This year the international speakers gathered from UK, Lithuania, USA, Germany, Israel, Serbia and the Czech Republic. The famous names included Kevin King, Danny McMillan and many more.

Moreover, the European Seller Conference 2019 included various activities. Such as conference sessions, insight sharing, real-life strategies and networking.

Lastly, as a bonus with an additional ticket, you could have purchased a workshop day with Kevin King. This workshop happened on the 30th of March. In this exclusive Amazon workshop, the participants had a chance to explore marketing secrets, ask questions and get the answers right there. Kevin King also shared the growth hacks and insights on the advanced tools that he uses.

Kevin King is a multi-million dollar Amazon business owner. Simply an e-commerce guru who happily shares his success and inspirations with others.

Memorable moments

You can find all the photos and events by following #EUSECON19. The two-day conference took place at the end of March and will come back next year. Follow the news to find out when the tickets are for sale and do not miss it next year.

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