The Best Amazon FBA Inventory Management Software

Amazon FBA Inventory Management Software Multiorders

When you sell on Amazon, inventory management is one of the biggest parts of your business routine. Especially, when you decide to use Amazon FBA or sell on different sales channels. In this case, Amazon FBA inventory management software is the only way to get your head and shoulders above the competitors. In this article, we will show you how to recognize the right tool and how it can impact your business.

Amazon FBA inventory management software

What are the requirements for the right software?

The reason why you’ve started thinking about implementing inventory management software is probably because you find that manual inventory management is overwhelming you. Because of this, your chosen system has to eliminate time-draining tasks by automating them. For instance, order fulfillment should take only a few mouse clicks.

Amazon FBA inventory management software

Another key thing is convenient integration with Amazon. If you store your items in their warehouse and use fulfillment by Amazon, your software has to provide you with this option. When you receive an order, among all shipping options, you should find Amazon FBA, so all you have to do in order to fulfil it is to click on this option.

Amazon FBA inventory management software

The last, but not least is the possibility for growth. In other words, your Amazon FBA management software has to integrate with more than one sales channel. It has to create the possibility to expand your business. Your software has to integrate with eBay, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace and all other popular platforms.

Amazon FBA inventory management software

Amazon FBA inventory management software

Still thinking what software could fit all these requirements? Our creation – Multiorders inventory management software automates your Amazon FBA inventory management and can offer more features, that will improve your business. Multiorders can help you with:

  • label printing
  • multiple shipping carriers
  • Amazon FBA and Amazon MCF
  • updates to marketplaces
  • the best shipping rates
  • automatically updated order status
  • auto-updated stock list
  • order merging

Automated order fulfillment will help you increase your business efficiency and eliminate time-draining tasks. Also, if you decide to sell through different sales channels, simply add your stores and manage them in the same way.

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