SOLUTION: Amazon FBA For Etsy Orders 2019

SOLUTION Amazon FBA For Etsy Orders 2019 Multiorders

Amazon FBA for Etsy orders is the best thing you can do for your business. It will let you focus on other important parts of the venture rather than trying to figure out the best order fulfilment strategies.

Amazon FBA For Etsy Orders

Don’t be confused about Fulfilment by Amazon services. You can use it regardless of your selling channel. Amazon provides a multi-channel fulfilment service, which means it is available for your Etsy store.

Amazon FBA for Etsy Orders

Fulfilment by Amazon is the perfect solution for those sellers, who want to get rid of shipping related tasks. Basically, all you have to do is pack your items and ship them to an Amazon fulfilment center.

When your package is received, the items will be taken care of by Amazon. In other words, Amazon will pick, pack and ship your items. Doesn’t it sound perfect?

Amazon FBA For Etsy Orders

The benefits do not end there. Besides taking care of shipping, Amazon will provide perfect 24/7 customer service and sort out the situation with any returned parcels.

The only thing you have to do is decide whether you want the returned package to stay in Amazon’s warehouse or be sent to you. It is truly a great decision to use this service.

Easier Way to Manage Amazon FBA for Etsy Orders

In order to fulfil your Etsy orders perfectly, you have to think about a reliable and effective system. It will help you stay focused and efficient during the daily management of your venture.

Therefore, our software is a great solution. Multiorders is an order management software, where you can connect different sales channels and shipping services. This way you will be able to see all your orders in one place and easily manage them.

Order management becomes an easy task with Multiorders!

Especially if you are using Amazon shipping services. The only thing you have to do is pick an order you want to ship and select Amazon MCF. This task takes up only a few seconds of your time compared to the hours you would spend trying to deal with it yourself.

Another great thing is the tracking of your inventory. When you ship with Amazon MCF, Multiorders automatically updates the stock in your Etsy store. Therefore, you can see how many of your items you have and prevent the situation of overselling.

In addition, Multiorders gives you the opportunity to manage Amazon FBA inventory pricing right from the software. This is particularly useful if you have many sales channels and want to make some changes.

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