Alternative to Shipping Easy


October 22, 2019



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Alternative to ShippingEasy



Looking for an alternative to ShippingEasy?

When you start looking for an alternative to ShippingEasy, that solution has to offer you at least the same amount of marketplace and shopping cart integrations.

For instance, Multiorders integrates with USPS, FedEx, myHermes and others. Speaking of USPS, it provides all users with the USPS Commercial Plus pricing plan, including free trial users. Also, you will get shipping labels generated in seconds and it will automatically update order status and tracking numbers.

This alternative to ShippingEasy has a full suite of features for inventory and order management. With no additional cost to you, Multiorders will automatically sync your inventory to all your stores, so you can manage all of your products from one platform.

With unlimited sales channel integrations, you can merge products together from different marketplaces and easily get stock updates for all your stores. If a product is sold in one store, the available stock will be automatically updated on every other shop that your product is listed.

Price $36/month $29/month
Inventory Management Multiorders ShippingEasy
Multichannel Inventory Control check_circle clear
Low Stock Alerts check_circle clear
Product Merging check_circle clear
Product Bundling check_circle clear
Custom Filters check_circle clear
Purchase Orders check_circle clear
Product Variations check_circle clear
Product Import/Export check_circle clear
Shipping Management Multiorders ShippingEasy
USPS Commercial PLUS Rates check_circle check_circle
Automated Shipment Tracking check_circle check_circle
Custom Shipping Labels check_circle clear
Automatic Shipment Updates check_circle check_circle
Unlimited Shipping Carriers check_circle clear
Amazon FBA check_circle check_circle
Amazon MCF check_circle clear
Worldwide shipping check_circle clear
Order Management Multiorders ShippingEasy
Unlimited Sales channels check_circle check_circle
Dropshipping check_circle clear
Customisable Invoices check_circle clear
CSV Order Import check_circle clear
CSV Order Export check_circle clear
Order Merging check_circle check_circle
Manual Order Creation check_circle clear
Other Features Multiorders ShippingEasy
Live Chat Support check_circle clear
Free Trial check_circle check_circle
Custom Management check_circle clear
Unlimited Users check_circle clear


ShippingEasy is a shipping management software that was invented to simplify your daily tasks. It has integrations with nearly all popular sales channels and shipping carriers. That way this software is able to automate your fulfilment and as a consequence save your time. However, at the same price, you can get so much more with Multiorders.

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