Alternative to EasyShip

Alternative to Easyship

Alternative to Easyship


Looking for an alternative to EasyShip?


An alternative to EasyShip should offer you not only the ability to fulfill orders, but also to manage inventory. Multiorders completes the feature set necessary for every e-commerce seller. You can manage inventory of however many stores you have, in one dashboard. You can connect an unlimited number of marketplaces and shopping carts. Multiorders will then automatically import inventory from all of your stores.

Once you receive an order, click on your preferred shipping carrier’s logo and you will get labels printed in seconds. Also, the system will automatically add tracking numbers and auto-update order status. The pricing of Multiorders is easily adaptable to the size of your business and all users get their first 100 orders for free.

Starting price$36/month$0/month
Inventory ManagementMultiordersUnleashed
Multichannel Inventory Controlcheck_circleclear
Low Stock Alertscheck_circleclear
Product Mergingcheck_circleclear
Product Bundlingcheck_circleclear
Amazon FBA and MCFcheck_circleclear
Custom Filterscheck_circleclear
Purchase Orderscheck_circleclear
Product Variationscheck_circleclear
Product Import/Exportcheck_circleclear
Shipping ManagementMultiordersUnleashed
USPS Commercial PLUS Ratescheck_circleclear
Automated Shipment Trackingcheck_circlecheck_circle
Custom Shipping Labelscheck_circleclear
Automatic Shipment Updatescheck_circlecheck_circle
Unlimited Shipping Carrierscheck_circlecheck_circle
Order ManagementMultiordersUnleashed
Unlimited Sales channelscheck_circlecheck_circle
Customisable Invoicescheck_circleclear
CSV Order Importcheck_circleclear
CSV Order Exportcheck_circleclear
Order Mergingcheck_circleclear
Other FeaturesMultiordersUnleashed
Live Chat Supportcheck_circleclear
Custom Managementcheck_circleclear
Unlimited Userscheck_circleclear


EasyShip is a revolutionary software that helps with shipping management. They have different integrations with world leading shipping carriers, such as DHL, USPS, UPS, etc. You can fulfil your orders in three different ways – fill them manually one by one, add an excel sheet or connect your marketplace. However, it is impossible to manage inventory, which still leaves you looking for a separate solution. Multiorders solves that problem by offering you the ability to do everything in one place.

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