About Multiorders

order, inventory and shipping management

What are we about?

First of all, we were sellers that were facing the same problems as our clients do now. We noticed a lack of appropriate tools to make our day to day life easier by automating and aggregating everything in our business. Whilst using different sales channels and multiple shipping providers, our daily routine contained too many copy-paste tasks. The process was inefficient and hard for new people to adapt. So we found a way to make the world a better place by creating a software that takes away that pain for all sellers.

Multiorders started in 2017 as only a shipping management solution.

We started as a small team of goal oriented young people that were ambitious enough to grow along with this startup

Since then we have grown into inventory and supply chain management.

Throughout our first year as a company, we managed to grow from an idea into a tight-knit team where everyone has their role and responsibilities


Multiorders Future

Future awaits with Accounting, POS, Barcode scanning, Inventory forecasts and more. Soon enough we will cover A-Z of all commerce business processes in a single app.

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