A Simple Way To Easily Delete Empty Stock

A Simple Way To Easily Delete Empty Stock Multiorders

Merchants, who don’t use inventory management software, delete empty stock manually. This can lead to uncomfortable cases and profit loss. Let’s explore the situation and come up with a solution.

What is empty stock?

What is empty stock?

Let’s say you’re selling computer monitors. You’ve got 10 in stock, as seen on eBay, Amazon as well as your own website. A customer buys one on Amazon. Now, Amazon correctly shows 9 in stock. However, on eBay and your website it’s still 10. That 10th unit on eBay and your website is called empty stock.

However, as annoying as it is to keep these numbers in check, it’s not the main issue. Having to delete empty stock manually becomes way more problematic if you oversell on it.

For example, you have 1 monitor in stock. Now imagine that two unique customers buy it on Amazon and eBay at the same time. As a result, this leads to awkward situations and poor reviews. These both hurt business tremendously. Such costly problems ought to be taken care of before happening even once.

How to delete empty stock automatically?

How to delete empty stock automatically?

To delete empty stock automatically, you’ll want inventory management software. Basically, it’s a dashboard that you control all your sales channels from. Also, it keeps your numbers in check for you. You don’t even have to confirm anything. Or keep the software open, at all. It’s a cloud based solution that keeps your stores up to date at all times.

Which software should you use? Multiorders

Which software should you use?

Searching & picking an inventory tracking system that is easy-to-use, flexible, secure, cost-effective and mobile-friendly is a difficult task at hand. – GoodFirms

However, GoodFirms has a list of providers to choose from. Obviously, we recommend using Multiorders. Not only does it offer full feature access across all price plans, but you get unmatched prices as well.

You can join the growing community of successful merchants for free. After the two-week trial, it’ll be obvious that it’s a worthy addition to your business.

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