10 Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips for Your E-commerce Business

10 Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips for Your E-commerce Business Multiorders

While online sellers think about how to escalate their businesses, shoppers gain new shopping habits. For example, up to 84 % of shoppers use their phones while shopping in a physical storeSo, one of the smartest ways would be creating an effective mobile marketing strategy. Attract those phone users and turn them into your shoppers. In this article you will find 10 tips for starting an effective mobile marketing strategy for your e-commerce business.


10 tips to start an effective mobile marketing strategy


1.Mobile friendly design

First of all, you need to make sure that your online store is mobile friendly. In other words, before you try to create your mobile marketing strategy, carefully look at your store. Keep an eye on how your menus and content look on handheld screens and make your design responsive. Not to mention, that you should create a Mobile App for your store. This option should boost your sales because an app is more convenient for mobile users.

Mobile Friendly App Mobile Marketing Strategy Multiorders


2. Track your performance

Another key thing to make an effective mobile marketing strategy is real-time tracking. It helps you actually understand what is happening and when it is happening. It is important because you can see user engagement and outcomes. Moreover, there are apps which allow you to see what customers did on your website. Even, where they clicked on your site. With this kind of help, you can easily improve your online store.

Track Your Performance Mobile Marketing Strategy Multiorders

3. Content

As soon as you work out the previous steps, you should start improving the content of your online store. First of all, focus on the fact that it should fit on small screens. For this reason, think about your headlines. They should be short and catchy. Use many keywords, which users are familiar with. Besides, do not use all of your space only for text. You should use the limited space wisely and focus on displaying the key details.

Content Mobile Marketing Strategy Multiorders

4. Personalized marketing

Customers always value a personal touch and proper treatment. It is important to not only stuff your content with keywords, but also create an individual connection with your users. For example, as soon as someone subscribes to your mailing list send them a welcome message. Also, you should share stories and photos from customers. Furthermore, you could create a relatable character for your app, which helps your brand stand out from competitors.

Personalized Marketing Mobile Marketing Strategy Multiorders

5. Mobile ads

Mobile ads is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. They are attractive to use because you can spread them through social media channels. To do that, first, you should identify your core audience. The next step should be helping those customers discover you. For that, you can use mobile SEO, to make your services easily accessible.

Mobile Ads Mobile Marketing Strategy

6. Responsiveness

The main thing that helps your mobile marketing strategy is to make your website responsive. Make sure that your menu, footer and other items are responsive and fit any kind of mobile display your customers might use. To make it flawless you should test it as much as possible. Focus on your menu, fonts, colours and how it will affect your mobile marketing strategy.

Navigable app Mobile Marketing Strategy Multiorders

7. Geotargeting

This mobile marketing strategy requires additional research on your audience. Geotargeting includes knowing where your customers are located and reach them by using this information. In other words, you need to predict where your clients are going to be, based on region or an event. With this information, you could add additional location-based options.

Geotargeting Mobile Marketing Strategy Multiorders

8. Multi-channels

This tip includes not only mobile ads through multiple social media channels, but also selling through multiple sales channels. You should share your products as much as possible. For this, you can use multi-channel management software like Multiorders. It has integrations with all shipping carriers and all sales channels. This way, it helps you fulfil orders four times faster. Also, it automates tracking and makes it easy to print labels.

Multi-channels Mobile Marketing Strategy Multiorders

9. QR codes

Another valuable mobile marketing strategy is to start using quick response codes, more commonly known as QR codes. They can be used to store a lot of information which can be quickly transmitted visually. So, it is convenient to all mobile device users. Keep in mind that it could look like image code, but it can do much more. It is a quick access tool, which helps mobile users get information.


QR codes Mobile Marketing Strategy Multiorders

10. SMS marketing

It is a really convenient mobile marketing strategy which spreads quickly. After you click “send” your add almost instantly reaches your customer. As soon as you are allowed to use your customer’s information, you should definitely try this phone marketing strategy. There are platforms, such as www.eztexting.com, that allow creating a message with a personal touch.

SMS marketing Mobile Marketing Strategy Multiorders


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